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Be the best possible version of yourself.
Jordan Peterson does us a favor when he tells us in his newest book, "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos," that to be in competition with other people is not meaningful, but to be in competition with your yester-self is. That is, do not compare yourself to other people and their level of success or ability, compare your current daily level of success and ability to that of yesterday.
Were a mushroom to compare its growth to external sources, it would never seem adequate or far too qualified, but mushrooms do not grow with reference to external sources so much. Mushrooms build on what they have accrued, and naturally by building step by step, the beauty unfolds and eventually even spores are released to continue the process anew.
The best version of yourself makes life easy for others.
The best version of yourself does what will be of long-term benefit.
So presuming there's a current version, a best version, and a way to get there... how do we train ourselves to become our best presence in this world?
Consider the paradox of going all out on training: If you train as hard as you can today, you will max out and have to recover for several days. If you train to 70% of your potential burn out, or 80% of your potential burnout, you don't need to spend the next day recovering, and can immediately do another 60-80% of your routine. Over time, your exposure and number of hours vested will be significantly higher than someone who works the system to fatigue and collapse.
Most amazing musicians all had one thing in common: they never stopped playing. Even if the momentum build on skill is more gradual than that of a prodigy or virtuoso, it does not matter. Gradual long-term intense training, with coding, or music, or chess, or crew, it will all lead to success provided we are driven by a purpose.
The world is full of beings who are suffering, who are lacking in means and resources, who are truly lost and not making the most of their limited and everpassing time. It is quite sad. It's quite sad that people with opportunity and freedom and option and availability are not pursuing their greatest possible life and satisfaction!