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Code Walkthroughs
Wouldn't it be nice to have a browsable index of well-documented and potentially interactive code? It would be a site similar to browsing GitHub, with lots of extra documentation, and segments that would show you what the code does.
Another excellent option: to have a server simulator area within each active page and an active client area for each page. Ports could be simulated as web sockets and just look like idiomatic port declarations in sample code. Even though it would be a simulated server port number, the client is still speaking to the server (via websocket) so latency/ping times would be realistic.
Self-sustaining Greenhouses
Greenhouse that generates produce in abundance to: feed local community (for very cheap or free) and also sells produce at high class organic markets (for big slice profits) to pay property tax and sustain itself entirely
Meaningful services
Michel Foucault mentions: true value (wealth) comes only from the Creative Spirit itself, manifest in fruits of the earth. As an extension of that, to this author it seems not so far-fetched to claim that Foucault also indicated music, art, and philosophy with his indication of creativity. Thus, in similar spirits, the earth brings into abundance real fruit, and man brings into abundance organized prosperity.
So consider that a meaningful service must provide a connection to either: actual fruit of the earth, or fruits of creativity.
Foucault talks about Trade and Instruments of Trade. He explicitly points out that Trade and Instruments-of-Trade are not the same. Actually, what we often think of as Trade is really just an Instrument-of-Trade and he goes on to explain, in The Order of Things, that trade happens ultimately between the endpoints of Consumption and Creation, and that anything that accommodates movement from Creation to Consumption is simply an instrument [in the facilitation] of trade. This means that the ice cream truck is just an instrument of trade, as well as the bucket, as well as the barn that the cow lives in, but the milk from the cow and the taste of the ice cream are the actual endpoints in this trade system. The true "value" comes from Raw Unbridled Creativity of the Cosmos (like flowers, milk, honey) adjoining with/arriving to a participant in this world.
A meaningful service comes from being able to spot a need in society and being able to provide a connection in satisfying that need.
It's actually quite debatable how much humans can influence and affect creation. Bright minds, such as Nikola Tesla, were able to envision great inventions and bring them to life with a godlike ease. However, is the task any less for the technician who labors constantly to bring the Teslic vision to reality? Really, even the engineer of the aqueduct must rely on the plumber. And so it is, we are all instruments of trade participating in bringing absolutely great and wonderful achievements of the natural world and natural humanity into scope for all to benefit from and see.
Thus, it's just as important to be in a role connecting pipes as it is to be in a role of higher design or architecture. However, we must remember to sharpen our abilities in the styleless style of Bruce Lee, to be capable to maximize on our true potential when situations arise. Thus, we are training for longevity, and we are working toward realizing our optimal position for various teams and contexts.
So, although it's important to have people work out in the field and help compost things, it's also important for visionaries to rule their space and command their tribes with sincerity and honesty and an earned authority that is not derived from terror or fear tactics, but an earned authority that is derived from helping your tribe, wanting what's best for them, and having the faith of the optimal vision as guide.
Otherwise, there's really no end to stagnancy. The only way to overcome stagnation is to understand the natural principle of blossoming and blooming. Strawberries start as seeds, let's say, then turn to sprouts and subsequently adult plants. Finally, they bear fruit and the fruit ripens. Eventually, the fruit also rots, and becomes fodder for another part of the living cosmos. So in similar fashion, let us have appetites that follow the most abundant yields. As it turns out, humans hunger for progress and equality as they do sustenance, but really it is our hunger for knowledge and our ability to harness and brandish it as a sword or bludgeoning wedge, that determines our environs and evolutional waltz.
Meaningful Service happens all along the chain from Creation to Consumption. Rather than re-invent the wheel, it is often better to simply help steer an extant flock of bicycles.
Meaning can come from satisfaction of physical needs, but it often comes down to more visceral and concentrated doses of satisfaction in culmination as a result of personable engagement, empathic adjustment, and real human connection. Without knowing society, how can we know the needs of society? Without knowing a nation, how can we help build it? To be a true bastion in society that helps resolve many needs for many people, we must know our people.